Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May is national Osteoporosis (OP) month

Blog contributed by Renu Joshi, MD,  Endocrinology

Osteo means bones and porosis means holes. As the name suggests we have bone loss which can lead to Bone fractures.

It is a silent disease and does not cause any pain until Fracture occurs.

Did you know that 50-65% of women between 50-75 suffer from Osteopenia / osteoporosis and 50 % of white women will suffer from Fracture due to Osteoporosis.  25 % of patients with hip Fracture will die within the first year. Incidence of Hip fracture is higher than combined Breast cancer, Heart attack and stroke in Females.

Men can also suffer through OP but it starts at age 70 or higher.

While we all get screening for other things the screening for OP still remains very low. A 5-minute screening test for OP is the U/S of the heel, which almost picks up > 70 % cases of OP and it is free.

We as women are always taking care of others but we can be better care taker if we take care of ourselves
SO Be In charge of your health!!!

You can prevent OP by these simple things:
  1. Take 1000 -1500 mg calcium  (diet and supplement combined) daily
  2. Vitamin D at least 800 units daily
  3. Exercise both aerobic and Muscle strengthening (by lifting weights) at least 3 times weekly 
  4. Drink < 3 caffeine beverages (including Coffee and sodas)
  5. Getting screened early after Menopause so treatment can be given appropriately 

  Let’s do it together so we can save Fractures!!!


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